Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Money Making Idea

How to make money with Z5traffic.com
10 reasons to use Z5 traffic bar
"Reason 1
Increase your website traffic with my special formula. At the heart of the Z5 Traffic Bar is my personal formula that I've been using for years to build my website traffic. This is not an eBook with useless information, my formula is built into the very foundation of the traffic bar.
Reason 2
Get Free credits in Traffic Exchanges for doing absolutely nothing. Traffic exchanges are a great way to build traffic and my formula shows you how to earn free credits.
Reason 3
Special tools to help you maximise your time generating Free Website Traffic. I'm not just going to give you the knowledge, I'm also going to give you the tools to generate traffic.
Reason 4
Full detailed traffic reports on how people look at your links. Find out where your hits are coming from, what page they looked at, the person's country and much much more.
Reason 5
Hide your links and protect them from commission thieves. Commission theft is happening right under your nose, use the Z5 Traffic Bar and hide your affiliate links and protect your commission.
Reason 6
Free advertising in the link directory. Advertise your links in the Z5 Traffic directory which is listed in all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing.........)
Reason 7
Free advertising in the keyword cloud. Search engines love keywords to categorise your website, list your website in the Z5 Traffic keywords cloud and take full advantage.
Reason 8
Link shortener, get a link that's just 13 letters long. Not only do you hide your real link, but you also get a compact URL to use instead! This is ideal for email marketing.
Reason 9
Double your FREE advertising instantly. Join Z5 Traffic now and I'll show you how you double your free advertising instantly!
Reason 10
Get paid by Z5 Traffic just for using the traffic bar. That's right, I'm going to pay you for using Z5 Traffic!"
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